Healthy Cookie Dough Balls | Erin Lives Whole


These Healthy Cookie Dough Balls are a delicious snack and take five minutes to make. They are filled with nut butter and have only five ingredients total.


  1. Posted by evelynbyrd07, — Reply

    This was ok but it made me feel sick every time I ate one for some reason

  2. Posted by abieirabor, — Reply

    Could you bake these into cookies? Has anyone attempted?

  3. Posted by amyschier_, — Reply

    Could you bake this into cookies?

  4. Posted by contactyourkeystowellness, — Reply

    Looks like dessert is ready.

  5. Posted by am8222591, — Reply

    Did they tast good ?

  6. Posted by elifc35, — Reply

    Did this taste good

  7. Posted by droogtrainersnederland, — Reply

    Was weer heerlijk!

  8. Posted by amyschier_, — Reply

    Also what could

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