The Hydra Sin (SDS) - Chapter 22- The Dryads


Read Chapter 22- The Dryads from the story The Hydra Sin (SDS) by klypso01 with 6,563 reads. betrayal, sins, completed. This is Son-rah^ Finally, the mountain...


  1. Posted by Vforvante, — Reply

    If anyone wants to Know who she is She's a one of character of the novel called the master of demonic cultivation her name is wen qing

  2. Posted by pumpkinrose0622, — Reply

    Pretty but she looks like she's about to murder someone, lol

  3. Posted by FunnyFunnySasa420, — Reply

    Looks like Momo

  4. Posted by Unicornsandfries, — Reply

    What type of drawing is this? I'm so interested

  5. Posted by Hanabi_1600, — Reply

    She like hanabi

  6. Posted by dastanssrdar, — Reply


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